Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for change.

Tonight I start a new quest:

I've been living this life as best I can 23 years in this vessel and I've done my best to play by the rules and watch the world go by, interfering only when told or when allowed. 

It's time to start preparing, the time will come where I will not need the approval of The Elders as I will be one. It's time to start forging a new tomorrow and get back to what  I was raised with, to get back to the basics, to get back to my instincts instead of my crutches.

I've seen and heard many things recently that have spiked this urge or need. I do not intend to change the future, if this is what is true, but I do wish to gain further knowledge. I need to see beyond what I have been allowed and know, it's my job. It is not enough knowing what's going on almost everywhere right now, I need to be prepared. I feel something stirring, and if it means harm... I will not let it do.

I've had in my possession for several years a mirror used for scrying and divinations. I'm going on my first journey without the shields of protection at my side. I need to learn to use it without precautions, whatever the damage.

I am anxious.

I will more properly introduce myself tomorrow and will record what I see.

I trust that anyone reading this either will think I'm insane or know the words to be of my truth, either way, enjoy.