Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreamlog - 12/13-16/09

The talks of my daughter in a certain storyline have been making me think of her more and more every night.

I've always known her to be an inquisitive little sprite with a will to match her mother.
I've seen her in bits and pieces of her life, and I worry as I've seen her following in the footsteps of her bloodline. Funny, she is not even born yet and I'm worried for her wellbeing.

With demons, spirits and entities is not the way I wanted to bring up a child initially, but it comes with the territory I guess.

I'm sitting in a field, meditating on events and she sits next to me, she at this time is about 6 from what I can tell. She sits watching me converse with my father and the council and asks to talk with the funny man of the wind (Sandalphon). I of course make sure to ensure that friends of now thirty(?) years are not offended, but they just laugh. The meeting continues as S is talking with her.

After formalities are taken care of we recess to the next evening, My Father and Sandalphon sit me aside to speak about Skye. They offer a guide to teach her as was given to me about her age.

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