Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Early Years

Growing up remembering everything has been hard, it makes you go mad without proper nurture and understanding.

November 18th 1986

I was brought before court with The Foster Family, A Rep from Lutheran Social Services and Steven and Sandra St. Martin. These two adults were deemed fit by the State of Ohio, The Board of Directors at Lutheran and various witnesses to be fit parents for a budding youth. There was one person who objected in the court hearing, although his name had never been given to me directly through legal means, I eventually would run into him in a seedy club in the middle of Columbus, some 13 years later.

I was given into the custody of the St. Martins and Named "Scott", all records of my prior family were to be sealed and held by Lutheran until my 18th Birthday, yet communication would be allowed via proxy to the birth mother and family.

I was quickly introduced to the family, family flew in, an odd old woman Known as Audrey introduced herself to me as my Grandmother on the side of my Father. She immediately told me, outside of the ears of my parents that she will watch over me and do a far better job than "Sandra", and that when "she" screwed up, she would be my voice of reasoning with the family. I giggled like babies do and was introduced to the rest of the family.

Over the next year things were rather uneventful for me spiritually, save for random events like me being locked in the car randomly (grocery runs) and randomly appearing in the house in my crib...

Shortly after my second birthday I was in Minnesota visiting family, I had the room to myself, was sleeping on one of those squishy half beds that turns into a chair, I saw a white glow outside the window. I was curious, hopped up on some books and looked outside, no cars, no streetlights, but a figure in white who introduced herself to me as Millicent. She greeted me and told me that she would be watching over me and my brothers until it was time for someone else to guide us. I thought very little of it except for "who was that?!". I chalked it up to a dream and woke up the next morning, had breakfast and overheard my grandfather speaking of a weird patch of grass, Completely green, with a ring of dead grass, then green again, the only place in the yard that was like this and it wasn't  like that when he had mowed and was out planting the day prior. I said "It was Millicent!" noone really paid attention, but my grandmother smiled.

At church and preschool I occasionally caught a glimpse of her watching in the distance, I just thought for the longest time it was one of those "imaginary friends" parents speak of... until I got a warning from her in mid may of 1990. She told me to watch out for a young boy who was going to be violent towards me. She also warned me about how I may react, that others might not understand it, but it's in my nature and I have to learn to control it. Well, the kid hit me, knocking me backwards, I dropped to my knees and kicked him to the ground, and then proceeded to draw blood from him with my nails and then a bite. She appeared in front of me after this happend, told me that as far as anyone would know, I just hit him back, noone would notice the bitemarks but me and him, which was odd, but true...

I was promptly removed form that preschool and the next year in Kindergarten I was forbidden to be in the same class as the boy.

Millicent followed me to Beacon Elementary that Fall...

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