Friday, January 6, 2012


I've had quite a few questions come to me as of late in my "mundane" role about spiritual trainings... where one would go to learn the tricks of the trade to defend themselves against attack, to take the fight to the other plane and fight for those who have no control or knowledge of what we know and see.

What I say to you is this, read up on projection, read up on protection and read up on your chakras. One who knows signs of their weaknesses will know how to strengthen themselves. Do not fight with pure emotion it will be your downfall, but learn to use your emotions, learn to use the emotions of your enemy, learn to use your surroundings.

This is true for any fight but when dealing with the darkness one must learn everything about the darkness to bring the light.

I cannot stress enough that keeping with your kin, keeping with those that have an understanding of this is essential.

By no means do I mean cut off those that are not "gifted" no, never... but when you train, when you make connections, when you learn of others who share in your gifts, do keep in contact, do consolidate your efforts, keep eachother in check, in balance, and help eachother train. It is the best for all of us.

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